About Me

  • Born and raised in beautiful Tucson, AZ for 23 years.
  • I have always had an interest in television and have been around the production side all my life. My grandfather was a producer, and my dad is a freelance audio technician. My father got me my first freelance gig in 2007 as a parabolic microphone operator. From there I have worked as a runner, stage manager, parab operator, utility, and camera operator.
  • I took a little over a year off from freelancing to get into commercial news where I worked for KOLD-TV (Tucson, AZ).
  • At KOLD I moved my way from working in the studio to being a photographer. I had one story air that I fronted about the growth of indoor soccer. My first photog experience was shooting, editing and writing for KOLD’s “Overtime” a weekly high school football highlights show.  Going beyond my general news duties as a photog, I would help the sports department in my free time shooting, editing and writing highlights for local sporting events.
  • I am back to freelancing where I work mostly with the PAC-12 Networks as a camera operator for University of Arizona sporting events in football, mens basketball, womens basketball, swimming, gymnastics, softball and baseball
  • During my career I have been in school. My love for television started early in my education. At Amphitheater Middle School I helped create, and anchor, a closed circuit morning news show that broadcast to all the students and faculty each school morning.
  • I will be graduating in May 2013 from The University of Arizona. While at Arizona I co-hosted a weekly hour-long sports talk show for two and a half years on KAMP student radio.
  • I attended Amphitheater High School where I lettered in three sports (Football, Soccer, Tennis)
  • My best sport is soccer, which I played most of my career at the club level until high school, but my passion is football. My first career option was to be a football coach, that’s on hold for now.